A journey through the
Norwegian landscape

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Mountains and clouds in Lom
Our menu

At Maaemo, our focus is on a complete experience. In doing so, we want to highlight the relationship between the raw produce, and the expression in the cuisine.

We have chosen to serve a distinct and considered set menu to all guests.

The drink menus have been carefully curated to add an extra dimension to each of the courses. This way we can ensure our guests have a unique and precise experience on every occasion

The Seasonal Menukr3 000
Wine Pairingskr1 800
Juice Pairingskr950

To fully enjoy the experience, we ask that you set aside a whole evening.

Woman holding dish with smoke
I want my cooking to reflect the rugged nature and climate of Norway. I want to create a progressive environment that has a emphasis on the outstanding produce of our region. Esben Holmboe Bang — Head chef
Woman holding herbs
  • Chef holding knifes with a fish on the table