Maaemo Book (Norwegian language)

"For me this book is an instant classic; one that we will refer to, decades from now, to tell the story of food in our little northern corner of the world."
- René Redzepi

This book has been two years in the making and, as our first ever book, it represents a major milestone for us, which we are so proud of. It is a labour of love that has seen us travel across Norway to distill the very essence of Maaemo and put it in print.

The book showcases the recipes to many of our iconic dishes and is filled with beautiful imagery by Tuukka Koski, unique illustrations by Danny Larsen and all tied together by Bielke&Yang. The book will give you a spectacular look behind the scenes of Maaemo. Every book sold here is limited hand numbered first press.

Please note that this book is in Norwegian only.

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  1. Maaemo Book (in Norwegian only) (delivery in approx 2-3 weeks), kr 1050 Qty