Maaemo 2017

Words: Esben Holmboe Bang

In our continuously effort to push ourselves to deliver the most profound and honest experience it is time to make a adjustment to the way we operate. I feel this is a natural step on the path to creating the restaurant of our dreams. A restaurant filled with life, joy, creativity and a thorough understanding of our climate, history and seasons. Most of all, it is filled with delicious and generous seasonal cooking.

We wish to serve every little treasure that the dramatic Norwegian seasons presents to us, no matter how rare or how small in abundance. It is our obligation to make sure that the guests that visit us gets a taste of what is the most delicious right in that moment.

By reducing the amount of days of service we can spend even more time creating and carefully planning every single detail.

So, from February 2017 the restaurant will only be open for dinner Wednesday through Saturday. In addition we will be open for lunch Fridays and Saturdays. We will be serving the same menu for both lunch and dinner.

We will get even more under the skin of this beautiful country that is our home, spend more time finding just the right produce to serve and the perfect way to serve it. The experience in the restaurant will be even more defined by our surroundings.

We will push each other to create even more and to be completely in sync with our purveyors, the nature and our guests.
We will spend even more time perfecting what we do and even more time emerging our selves into this journey through the beautiful produce of Norway.

Dear friends, we are all very excited to welcome you to Maaemo soon!
- Esben